Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Oscar Bum Movie Review: "Spider-Man 3"

"Spider-Man 3" starring Tobey Maguire and what's left of Kirsten Dunst.

What It's About: The countinuing adventures of your friendly neighborhood spider person, just not so friendly this time.

What I Was Expecting: The reviews and advance buzz weren't good, so my expectations might have been a tad low.

What I Got: A suprisingly moving comic book movie. I thought the reviews were rather unfair. Oddly enough, I thought the review were off-base for the second Spidey film, which I felt was WAY overrated. It's not a perfect film by any stretch. But it's a nice companion piece to the other 2 films. Where the first film was about discovery and the second about duty. The third movie is about redemption. Maybe the critics have been ripping it because it's a more mature spidey. A spidey where things are not all black and white, or red in this case. The major flaw in this episode is the villains. It's overkill. One villain too many. And that's a script problem since all three villains are necessary for the payoff at the end. Which I felt was a beauty.

Rating: B+

Random Thoughts:
1. For the love of God, someone please give Kirsten Dunst some money to buy food. Or at least tell her that her boobs wouldn't fly all over the place if she hadn't dropped all the weight.
2. I can't help but wonder if the movie would've been better received if the Sandman had stayed man-sized.
3. Stan Lee. Stupid cameo. Bruce Campbell. Great one, although the scene was overlong and unnecessary.
4. I just loved how the Spidey/Sandey battle resolved.
5. In another unnecessary know what...the movie's full of them. Scenes where the only motivation is to setup the next scene.

The Trailers:

1. Catch a Fire - What is this title even supposed to mean? It's an apartheid movie, I think. I don't know if you knew this, but I guess apartheid is bad. So grateful to Hollywood for pointing these things out.

2. Deja Vu - Okay, if you are going to do a movie called deja vu, you CANNOT do a film that looks like every other Tony Scott/Jerry Bruckheimer P.O.S. Props to any critic who can review this film and NOT turn the title into a description of the film itself.

3. Stranger than Fiction - I cannot wait for this film. Will Farrell, Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman? Looks hilarious.

4. The Good Shepherd - Bob De Niro pretends he's Martin Scorsese and even casts Matt Damon in the "real history" of the CIA's beginnnings. Ummm...if it were "real", it'd be a documentary, folks.

5. 300 - What the hell is this garbage? I thought it was a joke at first, like I was going to hear a cell phone ringing at any point. Nope, this is serious. 300 is also the number of reasons this film should never have been made. I could only stop and think all the starving people the $60 million spent to make this garbage could've fed. This movie will NOT crack $10 million at the box office. I guarantee.

6. The Blood Diamond - This one could go either way. I kind of got the impression that they're going for an Indiana Jones meets Black Hawk Down. Takes guts to even try. The controversy from the diamond industry over their potray

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