Saturday, October 30, 2010

Eric Bird Movie Review: The Social Network

Who's In It: Jesse Eisenberg, some other guy and Justin Bleeping Timberlake.

What It's About: Guy decides to create Facebook. No one ever uses it. Hilarity ensues.

What I Was Expecting: I'm indifferent on director David Fincher. He's made more overrated movies than actual great ones. I am, however, a huge fan of Aaron Sorkin. Plus, one critic I respect called it the Citizen Kane of the new millennium. So, I had high expectations.

What I Got: One of the best films in recent memory. I'm writing this review nearly a month after seeing it and I still feel that way. And the Citizen Kane comparison is fair. It's every bit entertaining as it is intelligent. A fascinating story that you would think would be more common knowledge in this era of mass media. Or perhaps, I just wasn't paying attention. And, much like Citizen Kane, the last 15 minutes loses the momentum of everything that's happened up until then. But it doesn't matter. It's as close to a perfect film that we have seen in years.

Grade: A

Oscar Potential: It will be a Best Picture nominee. Fincher could easily win for director. Aaron Sorkin should be a lock to finally win for Adapted Screenplay. It's an ensemble piece, or feels like one, so zero acting noms wouldn't surprise me. Jesse Eisenberg could pull a Best Actor nod and, believe it or not, Justin Timberlake might get a supporting nomination as recognition for the whole cast. (I call this the "Kim Basinger Theory") Editing and Cinematography are likely. And possibly a music nod for Nine Inch Nails' mastermind Trent Reznor. That would be interesting to see.

Five Random Thoughts:

1. Is Jeff Zuckerberg autistic? Or is Eisenberg playing him like he is?

2. I'm beginning to think Justin Timberlake is a dork who's had sex symbol status thrust upon him. Not a bad performance at all.

3. I want a business card like that someday.

4. For those who expect the standard Aaron Sorkin banter, they do it right in the first moments of the film.

5. For events that are taking place so recently, this sure feels like a period piece.

Trailer Park:

The Tourist: Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in... a remake of The Man with One Red Shoe? Umm. Interesting.

True Grit: Typically, I cringe at the idea of remaking a classic. The Coen Brothers have failed at doing this before. Looks like they've learned something. Looks amazing.

Hereafter: I usually appreciate not giving away too much in a trailer. This one is a little too vague however. This is one of my "Calling My Shot" picks for Best Picture back in March. I think I missed on this one.

Love and Other Drugs: Curious looking romantic comedy with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway.

The Dilemma: Standard Vince Vaughn fare. Didn't look any different than his other recent stuff.

The Tourist: Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. Funny, I'd SWEAR I've seen this trailer somewhere before.

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