Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Capsule Reviews

Extraordinary Measures - C-

It's really hard to bash a movie like this. A true story about a father battling a pharmaceutical company, that he also works for, in a race to save his child's life. Despite Brendan Fraser's limitations as an actor, there aren't too many around his age who play loving fathers like he does. Harrison Ford doesn't usually play the scientist type, but he's effective enough. To be honest, I slept through the entire second act of the film. Didn't feel like I'd missed a thing. Seriously, I can't imagine what went on in between. It's odd, but I would suggest taking a nap as well.

Oscar Potential: Zero.

The Spy Next Door - B-

Deciding whether or not you will like this entertaining little movie depends greatly on how entertaining you think Jackie Chan is. It's rare when I don't. His acrobatics are still pretty amazing and the opening credits are practically his greatest hits. He's actually pretty believable as both the spy and the nerd he pretends to be. Not to mention a rare chance to show off his singing voice. Slightly less predictable than you'd expect, but just slightly.

Oscar Potential: That's pretty funny to type.

Clash of the Titans - B

Forget the original. Seriously, you'll enjoy this one more if you block it out of your mind. There are some story changes with the remake that make almost no sense and, in some cases, ruin the fun. Now that I'm writing this, more pop into my head. Hence, why judging it on its own merits is important. The Zeus/Hades storyline is the least effective change. That said, it's solid fun, from start to finish. Although, I would say that if the Kraken were created by the Gods, it would look more like the one in the originals, not like Cloverfield.

Oscar Potential: Visual Effects. That's all.

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C.L.J. said...

I love the scene where they're gathering gear.

"What's this?"
"Oh. Leave that there."
"But what is it?"
"Never mind. Just leave it."