Sunday, August 29, 2010

Capsule Reviews

The Tooth Fairy - C+

There's a charming movie in here somewhere. The Rock plays a has been hockey player dealing with the issues of dating a single mother, while trying to decide his future and overcome his past. Now, imagine he also must learn how to be the Tooth Fairy. Which part of the story sounds like it doesn't belong?

Oscar Potential: Zero.

Legion - C

Mankind is on the brink of being wiped of the earth and only a guardian angel can save it...from God? Yes, God is the bad guy apparently. So, it's an action thriller remake of the Travolta comedy bomb Two of a Kind, I guess. There's some really creepy moments, mostly at the beginning. The rest is just sort of blah.

Oscar potential - Zero.

Edge of Darkness - C+

Mel Gibson is a detective who's daughter is murdered in front of him. The investigation leads to a convoluted conspiracy involving an evil corporation and government dirty dealing. All the plot takes away from the pain of a father losing his child. Gibson is good, even if his Boston accent wavers frequently.

Oscar potential: Zero.

When in Rome - B-

Charming, sweet romantic comedy that benefits greatly from a strong supporting cast of Danny DeVito, Will Arnett, Angelica Houston and Jon Heder. However, I was greatly distracted by the actor playing Kristin Bell's assistant. I knew I recognized him from somewhere. Couldn't figure out what movie I knew him from. Turns out, I actually know the guy from local theater productions of Fiddler on the Roof and, my all time favorite theater experience, Floyd Collins. Congrats, Brian Golub.

Oscar potential: Golub deserves supporting actor consideration, but I'm a tad biased.

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Sunshine said...

Oh very nice... I havent heard nice things about this movie "when in Rome..." but now I feel like giving in a try! :)

I like your reviews tho :)